Sunday, January 24, 2016

Marcus' Baptism Day!

Marcus turned eight on the same day we closed on our house. By that time we had moved out of our old ward for a few months, so we didn't think to have his baptism there, and Marcus didn't know very many people in Brian's parents' ward so we didn't have his baptism there, and we had only bee to our new ward one time, so we didn't set up his baptism right away. We thought that if we waited until the January stake baptism day, that would give us enough time to get settled into our new ward.

But that first week of January was the week that I was sick as a dog, and I was afraid that the rest of the family would get sick, too, or that we would spread germs if we went to the baptism, so we opted out of it. It turned out, though, that we are going to be out of town for the February baptisms, and we have family that will be out of town for the March baptisms, so when I told Brian that Marcus wouldn't be able to be baptized until April, we decided to just do it on our own.

At that point I remembered that our friend, Moose, hadn't been baptized yet, so we invited him and his family to join us, and even though they're in another stake, it all worked out and it turned into a wonderful baptism.

Most of Marcus' old primary class from Pasco was able to be there, and the room was full of family and friends.

It was so fun to have everyone come in and be so excited to see each other. The whole room was full of love.

Photobomb #1

Photobomb #2. I didn't even see Ethan doing this at the time.
Musashi and Marcus
 Moose's mom gave a beautiful talk on baptism and choosing to follow the Savoir and act as he did. Brian's dad gave a great talk likening the Holy Ghost to traffic signals, which really helped the boys understand. The kids sang Scripture Power for the special musical number. I finished Marcus' scripture cover and scripture bag this week, and he watched every step of them being put together. I've never seen a kid so interested in the makings of his scripture bag as he was, and he seems to love the way it turned out.

It was all just wonderful and beautiful and all the full words that make a mama's heart burst. I just loved it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Heroic Death

We had a murder mystery party last night and invited a bunch of couples from our new ward. Not everyone we invited could come, and there's also a bunch of other people we'd like to get to know, so I think we need to keep having parties. It was so much fun!

This was the most complicated murder mystery game we've ever done, and even after hammering out all the plot details, there's still a few things that don't make sense, but we had a great time, anyway.

Everyone came in fabulous costumes. It was awesome.

Doctor Robot-Neck

Miguel and WhizzoGirl

Captain Amazing!

Ice Queen and the Masked Crusader

InvisoGirl and Puss-in-Boots

Captain Amazing! and Bloody Mary
(Almost) the whole group

Christmas in January and Cub Scouts

Alyssa's Christmas choir concert was cancelled due to freezing rain, so they moved it to January. She was so excited for the concert,  running around singing all the parts of all the songs for close to two months, and she was so sad when it was cancelled. Apparently her teacher had a difficult time scheduling the makeup concert, and they were afraid that it would be cancelled for good. Luckily, it all worked out, and Alyssa and I were able to go to the concert while the rest of the family went to the boys' pack meeting, then we joined them there.

Alyssa's friend, Spencer, and his parents came as well, and it was so fun to sit by Spencer's mom and visit with her.

before the concert

(almost) the whole choir

Tuesday was Marcus' first pack meeting, and actually, since we've been pretty bad at Scouts since we moved, his first Scout activity. The boys got their pinewood derby cars, and they're both so excited for that.

This is the closes we got to a smile with candy in his mouth.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pizza Night

Best part of Monday: Standing in the kitchen, listening to Alyssa tell us about her day and watching Becca roll her pizza dough like a snake while the boys loaded their pizzas with extra sauce and cheese. It's moments like those that just make my heart happy.

Becca kept rolling her dough for about a half hour after the other kids ate their pizzas. She mixed in some meat and cheese, then flattened it in a circle. She didn't spread on any sauce, but placed a single piece of chicken on top with a little bit of cheese. Honestly, even though it wasn't a traditional pizza, it looked yummy. And she spent the whole night saying, over and over again, "We each made our own pizzas." She just loved it!

I asked Alyssa to make sure to get a picture of me to document that I was there, too. Usually I'm the one behind the camera. Well, it's better than nothing.
Everyone was so happy the entire time. (And Alyssa looks beautiful in this picture!) It was a wonderful evening.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Decor

This post is entirely for me, because I like looking back to see how I decorated in previous years.

We got these snow babies in Leavenworth when we were there for Brian's birthday. They represent our whole family, but we didn't designate which boy is either Ethan or Marcus or which girl is Alyssa or Becca. I love the two sisters giggling together. Brian picked out the "Guess who?' one to represent us, and I think it's pretty safe to say he's the one being the teaser.

Marcus made the sock snowman at school. I just love it.

Becca is an organizer. I put her new special brush and mirror on the table just to give them a safe place to be, and the next time I came in the room she had added her lipstick, brush, and a "powder puff" cat toy.

New Years Eve 2015

I had such plans for New Years Eve. Such plans! Star Wars, ice cream cones at Country Mercantile, jumping at Get Air, playing kinect games until the wee hours of the morning...but all that was thwarted when I woke up Monday morning feeling absolutely sick. I kept thinking that it would go through me and hit everyone in the family and be gone by New Years, but every morning I woke up feeling exactly the same or worse. And no one else felt even the tiniest bit sick.

Wednesday was one of the worst mornings, and I figured that since it didn't feel like a bug and wasn't going away like a bug, and since I had a whole lot of symptoms that matched appendicitis, I went to the emergency room. My mom came and got the kids and my dad came and got me, and four hours later I was sent home, because it was most likely a bug. Not C-Dif. Not appendicitis. Also, not pregnant. Just in case you were wondering.

The plague hung around, not getting even a little bit better until Thursday morning. On Thursday morning I still felt just as crummy, but I wasn't running to the bathroom every half hour or so, so life was better.

But our party plans got cancelled.

our super festive celebration
 Instead, we ordered sushi and Korean food, because noodles sounded good to me an Brian loves monkey brains. We watched TV until 12:00, then hollered, "Happy New Year!" a few times, and went to bed.

Friday I felt a little better, and Saturday I woke up feeling like a normal, healthy person again. So we finally went to go see The Force Awakens. It was great. We got the tub of popcorn and dumped it in a paper sack to get the instant free refill. We also poured a ton of white cheddar powder all over the popcorn, because everyone loves it. Becca was up and down and up and down in her seat, then she fell asleep in my lap. She's one of those kids that gets super wired when she's tired, and it was nice to snuggle with her.

Christmas 2015

We had a very relaxed, low-key Christmas break. There was a lot of reading and puzzle-ing and X-Boxing. It was wonderful.

blurry puzzle shot taken by unknown kid photographer

Ethan would live in pajamas if we let him. I don't know which game he's playing, but he must have been moving a lot to get hot enough to start stripping.

Ethan and I made sugar cookies on Christmas Eve, but we didn't get around to frosting them, so what we didn't eat ended up in the freezer...where it's still waiting to be frosted...someday. We had a yummy special breakfast, then hung out until the afternoon when we went to wish Grandma Harris happy birthday, then went to Brian's parents for dinner.

See that pastry mat? Works like a dream. See that fun boy? He's turning into a great baker.

Before this picture was taken he ran up to the sausage and yelled, "Can't you just smell that yummy goodness?"

This one's just because he's cute.
Marcus and Becca ran around fighting monsters - I can't remember if they were goblins, trolls, aliens, or what - with their elegant swords Marcus built for them. The fact that the swords were elegant made them more powerful against the monster/goblin/troll/aliens that lived in the den.

Christmas morning:

Such a good lookin' bunch.

David Tennant is her Doctor.
Ethan's present to the family: an Ethan original reproduction of Starry Night.

He's been wanting a back scratcher for a long, long time.

Mexican Army cipher disks. I can't wait to see what messages he sends.

She kept making this face when she put on her tiara. We don't know what it meant.

He opened it with his bare hands and a little help from the candy cane (and a crowbar).