Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just Like Dad

Last night Brian connected his phone to the TV so we could listen to music while cleaning up after dinner, then when we were done, he started playing a game on his phone, which ended up on the TV as well.

 Then Brian called me into the room, because the boys were "playing" along with him, using the Xbox controllers.  He didn't realize it until he died, and both Ethan and Marcus yelled, "Oh, we died!"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hawaii! Day 10

Headed home!  We hiked down to a beach at the Northern tip of the island.  It was so beautiful; I wish we had the entire day to spend there!

the plane that took us to Maui

Hawaii! Day 9

We took a tour up to the top of Mauna Kia to see the observatories and watch the sunset.  Then we went down to a lower elevation to do some star gazing.  It was cold!  It was so cold that our camera and phone batteries, which were mostly charged before we left, completely ran out.  Our guide said it's normal.

We learned more about the island on the drive up, and we spent almost an hour looking through huge telescopes at Venus, the Moon, and a few constellations.

Snow on Hawaii!

Hawaii! Day 8

We went snorkeling in the afternoon, then had dinner at the Blue Dragon Restaurant and Musiquarium.  The food was only so-so, but the music and dancing was the best.  Oh, and dessert.  I don't even remember was chocolate concoction I got, but I remember it being so good.

Hawaii! Day 7

Brian had the day off from classes, so we went back to the volcano to hike down in the crater.

More Burger Village.  I swear, we were obsessed.

lava tubes

Dinner at Pineapples in Hilo.  We went here twice.  Once because it was the only thing open on our way through Hilo, but then we had to go back, because it was so yummy.

Hawaii! Day 6

Diving with the manta rays.  Oh, it was awesome.  So very awesome.  We were one of the first boats to the area, and we went down for a normal dive, then came back up to wait for it to get dark.  We were the last ones in the water.  We went down about twenty minutes after everyone else, which ended up being so cool, because there was one ray there the whole time, but then when everyone else had to go, we still had twenty more minutes of air and two more rays came to join us.

There was a lot of underwater surge in the area we were at, and we were told to find a rock to put on our lap to hold us down.  With my tank being so big, it was hard to sit, so I knelt instead, and clutched a rock between my knees.  It still wasn't quite heavy enough, and I slipped a couple of times.  One time I lost my grip and went smashing into our guide.  Oops!

After we got settled, Brian helped keep me down by holding one hand to a rock while I took pictures with the other.  And I think the surge died down a bit after a while, too, because it didn't feel as strong toward the end.

Being with the manta rays was amazing,  They're so graceful and beautiful.  The one that was there most of the time loved doing flips.  After most of the divers left, we had the three rays circling around our little group, and they would swoop right over our heads.  The rule was that we couldn't touch them, but they could touch us.  Being the tallest one in our area, Brian kept getting whacked in the head.  He almost got his mask knocked off once!

I don't know how we got this picture, but it's cool.